Monday, November 29, 2010

Downward-Facing Dog, a resting pose

I've been practicing yoga for almost 5 years now and, after a couple of brief hiatuses, I've really hit my stride.  My re-commitment over the past several months to a strong practice has me feeling more connected and more in tune with my mind and body than ever before.  I have more clarity of thought, more presence of mind and certainly more flexibility! 
One major accomplishment in the last few months has been finding my Downward-Facing Dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana) to be restful.  Instructors always remind you that this pose should calm you and bring you to a point of focus while being able to rest.  Well, for a long time all I could focus on was keeping my elbows straight (and not wobbly), relaxing my head and neck and the dozens of other nuances of the pose.  More often than not that led me to be quite anxious in the pose.  Thankfully times have changed.
These days my down dog is looking better than ever and more importantly, I've found it to be an extremely restful pose.  I have been able to stop seeking perfection in this pose to the point of worry and am now happy to rest here for many breaths.  I am so thankful that my mind and my body have allowed me to get to this point and excited about the path of self-discovery that my practice paves the way for.

How awesome would it be to do one of these yoga retreats?!
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