Friday, June 14, 2013

Caroline Lou is 4 months old

My sweet little, miss Caroline Lou, is four months old today. Boy, has that flown by! Every day we love her more than the last. She is absolutely the best thing. These days she: is very talkative, smiley, and increasingly independent; is rolling like a pro; reaches out and grasps things that she wants; enjoys reading books with mom and dad; is a little social butterfly and enjoys the company of friends; drools ALL the time; is a little snuggle monster who just laughs and laughs when you blubber her belly. She loves "standing" and giving her little legs a workout. I have visions of our life in the not too distant future when we have a walker. Watch out!

Life these days just gets busier and busier. At night, Bob and I fall into bed exhausted, but deliriously happy.

I suspect this blog will be taking a back seat for awhile. I'll try to do these monthly updates, but otherwise we'll be truckin' along enjoying our little family. Cheers to fun filled times for all of you, too!

Months one, two, and three.

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