Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Pregnancy humor

As I am about to start my third trimester, I find myself "getting" more of this pregnancy humor. My belly has been expanding at a rapid rate and I can no longer get out of a chair without groaning. Bending over to tie my shoes is becoming more and more of a chore. So much so that husband has had to help me on a couple of occasions. Soon, I have a feeling that slip on shoes will become my new besties.

Husband and I start childbirth classes tonight. I have this mental image of lots of he, he, he, hoo, hoo, hoos. It's probably nothing like that, but hopefully I don't laugh out loud and illicit those "what's with this lady?" looks.

And, how about that win last night? It's so refreshing to see the country still hopeful for positive change. Obama's speech was on the mark. Congratulations, Mr. President. Now, make us proud!

p.s. Way to go Maine and Maryland!!! And, to Minnesota for refusing to perpetuate hate.

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