Monday, January 30, 2012


In our home, pets are family.  We play together.  We go places together.  We eat together.  We sleep together.  We have fun together.  We share lots of love.  It was no different with our friend Taz who joined our family just over a month ago.  Sweet as could be, this little guy brought so much love and happiness into our family.  Each day when I would come home Taz was there to greet me with his "happy dance" and excitement.  Each night we'd snuggle on the couch to our favorite TV shows.  Each morning he'd gratefully lick a little peanut butter from my fingers secretly wishing I'd share all of my peanut butter toast with him.  He really was a wonderful little guy with a seriously cute under bite.
Today we had to say goodbye to Taz.  It breaks my heart to even write this.  After a short, painful battle with lymphoma, Taz (in true Taz form) left us with lots of love and many of his famous puppy kisses.
I will miss him very much.

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