Thursday, March 29, 2012

Closet purge

I own more clothes than any one person should. It's a fact. I often purchase clothes for very specific occasions like my dress that's perfect for riding my bike to the farmers market, or my other dress that perfect for strolling around the farmers market if I'm not riding my bike there, or like the gauzy shirt that's a perfect cover-up for a day at the beach. Funny thing is, I am ocean side maybe once per year. I also have clothes that date back to high school, possibly even middle school (frightening, right?). 

Inspired by the book I'm currently reading, The Happiness Project, this past weekend I did a massive closet purge. Anyone who knows me is well aware that this is no easy task for me. In the event that I am able to part with an article of clothing, I often replace it with two new pieces. So, for accomplishing this task I am quite proud of myself. As a result, I have this renewed love for my closet. I have recommitted myself to appreciating the clothes that I have and making every attempt to wear each and every piece at least once this year. Those things I don't wear? Yep, they're getting purged at the end of the season. 

While I couldn't part with all 14 black dresses that I own, I was able to part with almost half. Those dresses along with the massive amount of clothes I recently donated have actually made me feel joyful. I feel like I've added some simplicity to my wardrobe and as a result, my life. It's one small step for my overflowing closet and one giant leap for this fashion-lover.

p.s. I used to covet Carrie's UES closet. That was until she got this closet. And, remember this scene from the SATC movie? I adore it. My fashion show for Bob was similar while I was purging my closet. :)

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