Thursday, March 21, 2013

Pee in the face

Already I'm learning a lot about parenthood, the art of flexibility, and finding humor in it all. There are so many things that you really can't prepare yourself for. Your capacity to love, the intense changes your body will go through, getting baby pee in your eye...

The other day Bob and I were changing Caroline's diaper before bedtime. The dirty diaper was undone and Bob was cleaning her up before putting on the new one. I reached down to pull off her socks and at the exact moment that her sock sprung off her little foot she started to pee. The sock somehow hit the pee mid-stream and flung it directly into my eyes and my mouth. Stunned, I stood there for a moment, mouth agape, eyes blinking fast, baby pee all over my face.

Bob looked over at me not knowing what had happened. "Baby pee! My eyes, my mouth!" is what I think I said. We both laughed so hard it hurt. Caroline laid contentedly on her changing pad just watching, her expression something like "what are you two weirdos doing."

Baby pee in the face. There's no preparing for that.
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