Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday the 13th

Do you realize that this year there are exactly three occurrences of Friday the 13th thirteen weeks apart? Today is the second. Pretty weird, huh?

Are you superstitious about this day, or anything else? These are some pretty wacky fears surrounding this day. In fact, it seems to be the most widely held superstition across the country. The phobia of Friday the 13th even has its own name. I do find it interesting that you're hard pressed to find many buildings with a thirteenth floor. Really, I don't know that I've even been in an elevator that's twelfth floor button isn't followed by the button for the fourteenth floor.

In case you are a little fearful of bad luck today, check out Yahoo's tips for avoiding Friday the 13th bad luck. :)

image from here (what a fun idea for a party!)
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