Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Welcome home, Kia

Today our family is growing. The adorable, sweet, and lovable Kia is joining the Kacich family. This afternoon Bob and I will be headed to the Champaign County Humane Society to pick her up and bring her to her new home - and to meet her brother Winston (who is very excited for her arrival).

Since we lost our sweet Taz, we knew that we would eventually want to adopt another puppy to join our family. After our Sunday afternoon dog park excursion, Bob, Winston, and I decided to stop by the CCHS to take a peek at the dogs. From the moment we saw Kia she just melted our hearts. She gladly accepted treats with sweet little kisses and the loviest little face. We took her outside to get to know her and we were smitten. She impressed us with her ability to fetch, sit, and come; her sweet nature charmed us; and, just look at those ears!

As fate would have it, the behavior specialist was on duty and Winston was patiently waiting in the car. So, we were able to introduce Kia to Winston right then and there. They hit it off wonderfully. Although a little tired from his dog park high jinks, Winston managed to keep pace with Kia and they ran circles around the yard and just played and played. It was decided. Kia was coming home.

Inside, we filled out the adoption papers and the staff at the CCHS were so great. They all remembered Taz and were so supportive of us bringing Kia home. We're really grateful to them.

I'm so excited for Kia to come home today. What a great day!

p.s. We're participating in the Mutt Strut to raise money for the Champaign County Humane Society. Please considering donating to our team!
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