Tuesday, October 2, 2012


OK, so I told you that I had a serious case of baby-brain...

Look at these baby bums. Aren't these gDiapers the cutest? I'm planning to use reusable diapers as much as possible with baby Mango and I've decided on gDiapers. They're adorable AND earth-friendly. You can opt for the washable cloth inserts or for the compostable/flushable inserts. We're going to give both a try.

The EPA information on the long-term effects on the planet from disposable diapers is frightening.
Over 3 million tons of waste from disposable diapers alone accumulates in our landfills each year. And, the damage from those diapers will take much longer than our child's generation to repair. So, while we likely won't be able to completely abstain from using the disposables, we're going to give this our best shot.

This is kind of an interesting simulation of the breakdown.

image via
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