Friday, October 5, 2012

IKEA trip

This weekend Bob is running a marathon near Chicago and our return trip will take us right by one of my favorite stores - IKEA. Of course, I'm very excited to see my man do his thing on that 26.1-mile course, but I'm also very excited for our IKEA trip. In preparation for all the goodies to be had - namely nursery gear, curtains, and rugs - we are clearing out the car so we can squeeze every last possible thing in.

I love walking around IKEA as if it's my own home,
lying on the beds, watching TV from a living room couch, looking out the kitchen window... it's just so fun! And, this time I'm looking forward to trying the café food for the first time ever. They even have this special deal going on, so it's the perfect excuse to try the Swedish meatballs and mac 'n cheese (which I've heard are yummy).

How cute would this be in a circus themed nursery?
Love this for a kiddo's room
Rad rug
Probably need these.
Oh, and these.

p.s. Did you hear about this?

I hope you have a lovely weekend!

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