Monday, October 1, 2012

I'm back and it's October

How did that happen? Just two months ago I was welcoming August...

After a two month break from my blog, I think I'm ready for a come back. There's no telling how frequently I'll be posting, but I do miss it and feel ready to take on some level of commitment once again.

One major reason for the extended absence was that I wasn't keen on talking about my pregnancy online. With the mass trend of over-sharing via most social media outlets and elsewhere, my pregnancy is one thing I've been careful not to broadcast far and wide to every acquaintance from here to Kalamazoo. And, for the last 5 months, I've had baby brain in a major way. But, now I'm ready to open up (a bit) and share all the new experiences and thoughts that the new norm in my life.

One major thing I've been dealing with the past few months going through my pregnancy without as much support as I'd imagined. Going through pregnancy without my mom has been more difficult than I could have anticipated. There is a huge void in all of this without having my mom to share in these experiences and to love like only a mother knows how. Knowing that she wouldn't be around to give the kind of love and support I need during this time, I had this image of lots of friends and family checking in on me all of the time, making sure that everything was OK and going well, offering help, used baby items, company to us. For better or for worse, that hasn't exactly been the case, which is just an adjustment.

Amazingly, there's Bob. Have I ever mentioned that he's the best man that I've ever met? There aren't words for how wonderful he is and how fortunate I am. Bob has been, and will continue to be, my rock. Unflinchingly loving and always there to share in what is by far the most exciting time I've ever experienced. The joy that we feel as we prepare for our little one is unbelievable. From feeling the first little flutters to bouncing around our favorite names, and from preparing the nursery to preparing our lifestyle for our new family member, Bob makes all of this excitement even more enjoyable. He is sensitive to my needs, always goes above and beyond to make sure we're taken care of, and always puts our family first.

So, while all things aren't quite as I had hoped or expected, I am ready for these next four months and can't wait to share in all of the exciting things to come as I prepare for my little baby with my very best friend.

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