Monday, July 18, 2011

More Memories

I'm falling down on the job with my Top 30 memories.  I'd like to blame it on the heat, but it's really just my crazy schedule.  In the interest of time I'm going to sum up some posts so that I might finish in time.  Some Top 30 Memories to add to the list:

#9: Meeting Dan Akroyd. I don't think of myself and getting star struck, but when I met Dan Akroyd in New York I was indeed struck.  At a party I we were introduced and he was the nicest most down to earth guy.  And, the best part was that he'd partied in Champaign so we had some fun stuff to talk about!

#8: In 2004 I moved back to Champaign and got to spend 7 glorious months with my mom gardening, eating late dinners, taking long drives and having great talks.  They were wonderful months.

#7: One New Year's I went on a Caribbean Cruise with my parents. My mom and I indulged in rum punches and games on the beach and had a complete blast.  Between all the laughs and falling into the water, it was a great time!

#6: On my European backpacking advernture the train ride from Nice up to Paris through the French countryside was one of the most beautiful sites I've seen.

#5: For my 21st birthday my friend Michele made the trip to visit me.  She had a folly filled adventure that ended with us and a group of friends singing karaoke at the top of our lungs in a tiny little dive bar in the East Village in NYC.  It was great!

#4: The night Bob proposed to me was perfect.  I had a hunch that he was planning something during the summer, but the time he actually did it I was caught totally off guard.  We had just made a delicious dinner and were sitting on our deck enjoying a glass of wine under starts when he got down on one knee.  To be honest, the rest was a little blurry because I was overcome with excitement, nervousness and joy.  The moment was filled with lots of love and was simply perfect.
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