Monday, May 6, 2013

Curtain conundrom

A room full of windows is a wonderful thing. Figuring out window treatments for said room is not.

Our family room is a beautiful room with windows spanning 40 feet all the way around. It's gorgeous. The light pours in everyday and it feels so warm in there. Only in the last few months, when Bob replaced all of the windows (by himself!) have I taken down the lace curtains (eek!) left from the previous owner. We've been there for a year and half...

The problem, now, is that there is a terrible glare on the TV. I've been searching high and low for window treatments that will let enough light in while helping with the glare -- and that won't break the bank. I'm leaning more and more towards drop shade curtains. They are a little more economical than buying nearly 30 panels, and I like how they feel relaxed and homey.

Even more economical? DIY drop shade curtains. I'm thinking about trying this project this weekend.

Bob, stop rolling your eyes.

photo from here
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