Friday, May 24, 2013

Happy birthday, Brooklyn Bridge

Happy 130th birthday to the Brooklyn Bridge! What a spectacular site.

I have the fondest memory of riding in a cab across the bridge to my first NYC apartment in Lower Manhattan eleven years ago. The apartment was on the 25th floor and had a living room made of windows with a stunning view of the bridge. A bit of true real estate luck. That was such an exciting time in my life when I was embarking on great adventure.

I also have a less fond memory of walking home to my apartment in Williamsburg, Brooklyn from my friend Sarah's apartment in the East Village during the 2003 Blackout. It was ridiculously hot and I had the most uncomfortable shoes on. Not to mention that we had a romping good time the night before from which I was still feeling the effects. Fortunately, the power came back on by nightfall and we could all blast our A/Cs for relief.

Love that city!

photo from here

p.s. I used to be obsessed with the show Felicity and was sure that's what life in NYC would be like. Thankfully, it wasn't.
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