Friday, May 3, 2013

Week one, we survived

It's Friday and that means I have survived my first week back in the office and away from my sweet Baby Lou.
Since we had a couple of trial runs with the daycare last week, leaving Caroline on Monday morning was not as tough as I thought it was going to be. I made a point not to linger too long. After a quick chat with her daycare provider, I gave C a quick squeeze, a little smooch, and headed on my way. I figured a short and sweet goodbye was less likely to produce tears than a long drawn out one.

The most challenging part of this week has been getting the pumping at work thing down. Fortunately, I have a private office so I can close my door and get the job done. With one quick spin, I've mastered the transition from fully clothed upper body to hands-free pumping at my keyboard. It really should be considered an art form.

The kitchen, though, is on the other side of the office suite.

I've felt mildly embarrassed carrying my pumping supplies to the kitchen to wash them each time. And then a little more embarrassed when a coworker comes in while I'm in the middle of washing all of my parts. These? Oh, yes, these are the flanges that go on my boobs to I can express milk. I can't help but think that the minute someone sees these parts they immediately think of my boobs. That weirds me out.

Breastfeeding is such a natural and wonderful, thing, though, and I don't want to feel weird about pumping at work and what my coworkers may think. This article gave me a little boost today (along with support from my good friend, Ellie). Next week I'm going into this whole pumping thing fearless (or at least a little less fearful).

The Milk Truck, what an idea.

Happy Friday!

photo by my sweet and talented friend, Justine

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