Monday, January 17, 2011

Did Someone Say Chocolate Souffle?

Bob and I were recently treated to a delicious evening by our friends Mike and Kristin.  They always host fabulous get-togethers with pretty decor, fun atmosphere and spot-on hosting skills.  And, lucky for us they love to entertain by making the most scrumptious food.  On the menu most recently was tender steak with a tasty au jus, skin-on herb roasted potatoes, crisp asparagus, Caesar salad and... wait for it... chocolate souffle!
Now, if you're like me, Betty Crocker is your best bud when it comes to dessert time.  Not these guys.  They whipped up a made-from-scratch souffle that was rich, light, airy, delectable, melt in your mouth goodness.  The souffles were served in the perfect size little souffle dishes and topped off with a healthy dose of powdered sugar.  One bite and satisfied sighs resounded across the table. 

Fantastic meal and fun times were had by all (even if we managed to creep ourselves out a bit with the new Kinect). :)  Thanks friends!
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