Thursday, May 3, 2012

All dressed up

You may recall that I recently did a mass closet cleaning and pared down my wardrobe significantly. Well, part of that was a challenge to myself to wear the clothes that I love more often rather than saving them for special occasions.

Today I chose a great suit-style, black sleeveless dress - with pockets, no less. It's a dress I've owned for probably seven years and have only worn twice. I dressed it up with my grandmother's pearls and fun pair of yellow, grey, and black color block heels. Consequently, I have received numerous comments and compliments. Compliments sure make you smile, don't they? Man, those are great. And, the comments, they have had me laughing...

On the elevator ride up this morning, two women, after commenting on how dressed up I was, listed all the reasons why they thought this was so. Was it a job interview? A funeral? A hot date? Even my boss asked me if I was going on an interview. Haha, it was all too funny.

Do you ever dress up just for fun? I love to!

Here are 25 reasons for the younger set to dress up. My favorite: "Because someday when you have a 9-5 corporate job and are required to wear business suits, you’re going to miss the freedom of dress you had in college. Experiment now! There’s no better time." Cute. :)

Happy Thursday!

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