Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Baby Mango, born Cubs fan

There's a lot of mystery surrounding our little baby Mango. Is Mango a him or a her? What will Mango's name be? When will Mango arrive? So much left to be discovered. One thing we don't have to wait to find out? Baby Mango will be born a Cubs fan.

Like it or not, this baby will be introduced to the misery of rooting for the Cubbies from a very early age. Bob just purchased a 6-pack of tickets for this upcoming season and plan to take Mango to at least a game or two. Which begs the obvious question... what will baby wear to the game?

If Mango is a she, I'm thinking something in the way of this cute little number.

Or this if Mango is a he. Sigh... the pinstripes.

Remember this guy?  And, how to make your status as a lifelong fan official.

Who knows, maybe baby Mango will be the good luck charm the Cubbies have been waiting for.

above photo from when we told Matt, my brother-in-law that he was going to be an uncle.

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