Thursday, January 17, 2013

Full term and now we wait

Well, folks. It's nearly here. Mango that is. (Since we're going to be surprised with the sex, "it" still gets used from time to time.)

Today I am considered full-term. That means that baby's organs should be fully developed and prepared for the outside world. My due date is three weeks from today, but the doctor is OK with delivering anytime from this point forward. Now we're officially playing the waiting game. It could be any time. Yahoo!

Any guesses when baby Mango will arrive? So far we've got votes for Feb. 1, 2 and 5, and Jan. 28 (that one's still a little early, I think). I have no idea and no guess. I'll just be happy when it's here.

The top 5 things I'm looking forward to after the baby is born:
  1. Being that much closer to wearing my regular clothes again (brand new J. Crew jeans and comfy t-shirts, I'm looking at you).
  2. A medium/medium rare steak with a giant glass of red wine.
  3. Sushi, the real stuff. Raw. White tuna, salmon, red snapper... mmmm. With a bottle of Sapporo.
  4. Being able to tie my own shoes. In regular knots. Without help. Without groaning from bending over.
  5. MEETING THIS NEW LITTLE PERSON!!!!!!!! Ah, I can't wait!!!! (this is really number one:)

photo of baby Mango waving to us for the first time at 12 weeks. Man that seems like a long time ago.
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