Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy Birthday, Winston, You Poor Little Pup

Don't you love puppy yawns?

Today is Winston's 1st birthday.  This sweet puppy has brought so much love and fun times into our lives since we met him.  He really is a cool little dude.  Husband and I had planned to celebrate with a trip to the dog park so he could romp around with his friends followed by an evening filled with delicious doggy treats.  Sadly, our poor little guy hurt himself the other day and the dog park is out of the question.
On Sunday, after several minutes of trying to attack a fly on the opposite side of the screen, Winston jumped high into the air, tongue out wagging and so close to slurping the fly right up, landed on his side with a thud on the deck and immediately started yelping.  :(  My heart was breaking for him not knowing where he was hurt or how to help.
Yesterday, a visit to Winston's doctor revealed a fractured bone in his ankle.  We brought him home with a soft cast that goes all the way up to his hip.  Poor guy!  He's got 4-8 weeks of nearly immobile recovery ahead of him.
We'll be collecting well wishes for Winston and keeping him full of treats to keep his spirits up.  And, today wishing him lots of love on his birthday!

The day we picked Winston out from the Humane Society.

Boy, was he playful!

That face gets me every time.

He was soooo little and soooo cute.

Such a sweet little dude.

Tailgating with dad.

Happy Birthday, Buddy!
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