Thursday, June 23, 2011

Memory #28: The Honeymoon

My honeymoon was a blast.  Pretty much the best, most laid back and relaxing vacation I've ever had.  And, the best part was that I got to go with my favorite person, Bob.  I imagine that honeymoons rank pretty high on every body's list, but for me this was a combination of my love to travel and spending quality time with my main squeeze.  Here are some photos of our 10 day adventure in Saint Lucia.

We were on our honeymoon for my 29th birthday and we spent that afternoon zip-lining through the rain forest.  One line ran across the very top of the forest canopy and we were sailing so fast over all of the trees.  You could even see the rain coming down.  It was awesome!  AND, I love that my hubby and I can be adventurous together (him more so than me, probably).

We stayed at two different resorts in St. Lucia.  One of them was open air and had no "4th wall" which means that we were wide open to the elements.  While I did not dig the minimal amount of bugs we had, I did enjoy this view from our 2nd floor bedroom. 

Now those are two happy campers, don't you think? :)

We arrived on the island just in time to catch the last day of Carnivale.  What a spectacle that was! 

More zip lining!

Climbing through the rain forest canopy. 

Island smiles.

We played chess - on a set made for giants.  I think I won. :)

An amazing view from one of the resorts. They were beautiful.

Happy at sunset.

One day we took a boat trip around the island.  It was incredible.  From eating with the locals to jumping off of cliffs, we really got to do it all.

We had fun in the hot sulfur springs.  They were stinky!

A small seaside village where there was a great bakery.

One of the two famous Piton mountains is in the background.  Our second resort was sandwiched right in between the two of them.

OK, total cheese factor, but how sweet is a waterfall on your honeymoon?!

Bob is definitely way braver than me.  He climbed up this giant rock about 50-100 feet up in the air just to jump off into the ocean.  It was crazy!

A few from a road trip around the island.

Oh man, did we eat well on our trip.  The local flavor was delicious and we certainly indulged.

This is the living room on the first floor of our open air room.  In the right corner you can see our little pool.  If you stepped off of the deck you'd go tumbling right down the side of the mountain.  It was incredible.

Our bedroom on the second floor.  That net saved my life from the most giant moth I have ever seen in my entire life.  Seriously, I think it would have eaten my leg off if it weren't for the net.  Waking up to the sun rise each morning was a dream.

Another amazing view.

Enjoying a glass of champagne in our pool.  One of those moments where you're thinking "pinch me."

The view from the bathroom.  I loved how green everything was on the island.

Evening cocktails look a whole lot different up here.

Touring the island with our friend Tod, we got to see a lot of "off the beaten path" type of things.  There's a cow on some land overlooking the ocean.

We toured an old plantation on the island that had been around for hundreds of years.  This building hosts yoga retreats from time to time.  Sign me up please!

More of the beautiful landscape.

You can't see the entire building, but this was a really cool old windmill.

We made a new friend.  This little guy (who's about 80 years old) loved Bob.

At a lookout point on the south side of the island overlooking Vieux Fort.

In case one waterfall wasn't enough... We hiked to this stunning waterfall.  The man who lives on this property has gorgeous grounds with great trails and of course this beauty.

Chilling in our living room.

This was the best beach we visited.  Sandwiched between the Pitons, the water was so clear and the sand was so soft.  This was a wonderful day.

We even scored some shade!

Mmmm, did I mention that we ate well?

There are so many great things to remember about our honeymoon!  It truly was a once in a lifetime trip and I'm so glad I got to experience it with Bob.

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