Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Top 30 Memories: #30: Getting Tucked In

One month from today I will turn the big 3-0.  It's hard to believe that milestone is already here!  In celebration, I'm going to recount a list of top 30 memories from my last 30 years.  They are in no particular order and hopefully I don't have any obvious omissions.

Memory #1:
One of my favorite things as a kid was my "getting tucked in" ritual with my mom.  Nice and clean after a bath, I would hop into my Peter Rabbit sheets and lay stiff as a board with my arms straight at my sides.  My mom would proceed to tuck the covers in a tightly around me as possible and say I looked like a mummy.  Then I would quietly ask her to "kiss my face all over."  She would start at my forehead and go from cheek to cheek, eyelid to eyelid and all around my face until my eyes could hardly open anymore. Without fail, it always put me right to sleep.
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