Sunday, June 26, 2011

Memory #25: Michele & Libby Take Toronto

I have lots of favorite memories with my friend Michele, but my most favorite has to be the "Michele and Libby take Niagara Falls & Toronto" trip.  When I was still living in NYC, Michele and I were always dreaming up awesome trips that we should take.  One afternoon while I was working away in my tiny cube in Midtown Manhattan, to my surprise and delight Michele called me out of the blue with a proposal.  "Libby, I'm buying a ticket to NYC for this weekend.  Where are we going?" is what she said.  My ears perked up and my mind got to work.  After some stealthy Google searching we had booked a hotel at Niagara Falls and in Toronto and had a $10/day rental car to get us there.
Michele arrived a couple of days later and we headed to LaGuardia to pick up our car and be on our way.  The sense of liberation with a last minute trip is invigorating and thrilling and we were both so excited.  Neither of us had been to either place and had no idea what to expect.  Highlights of our trip included our little lovers hotel :) near the falls, leaning over the edge as far as we could without falling, stopping at the border crossing into Canada and nervously telling the border guard that we were bringing cameras, ipods, fruit and snacks into the country (she was intimidating), eating like queens in Toronto, shopping and stumbling through the evening nightlife.  We drove through a horrendous thunderstorm on the winding roads of upstate New York and were relieved that we had somehow survived the ordeal.
It was a great trip with a great friend and fine example of the exciting spontaneity of youth.  Great memory!
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