Friday, October 21, 2011

Libby on the label

Naming my blog was something I really struggled with when I first started almost a year ago.  I wanted something that sounded cool, represented me and just fit.  I landed on "Living Lovely," but was never totally feeling it.  It's always been in the back of my mind - trying to figure out a name that was just right.  Well, I've finally found it.
Libby on the Label

Throughout my entire childhood people would always sing this silly song to me that went "Libby Libby Libby on the label label label, you will like it like it like it on your table table table."  Now, I am familiar with the Libby's (Libby's Libby's) brand, but I'm too young to remember these commercials.  When I was a kid it kind of annoyed me, but now it is one of the funnier things I remember from that time.  Mainly because I had no idea what people were talking about and I just had to stand there while they sang this song to me.  It makes me laugh right now just thinking about it.  Anyway, it's the perfect name for my blog.

I'll be working on designing a new header soon, so stay tuned.  I might even ask for your help in choosing what to use.

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