Thursday, October 27, 2011

Mister Misty

Yesterday we had to put Misty, my last childhood pet, to sleep. Misty was a really great cat. When I was in 4th grade, some guys who worked at my mom's office found a litter of three kitties behind the building. The momma cat had abandoned them when they barely had their eyes open and fur on their bodies. My mom, being the angel that she was, brought them home. We bottle fed them (sometimes using a syringe) to health and two of the three of them survived to live long and happy lives with our family. Misty was one of them.
I will always remember the great massages that Misty gave with her paws and just how lovey she was. Now she gets to see all of our wonderful pets again - Shadow, Jenny, Sophia, Domino, Captain and Samantha.
When I was young my mom always told me that Captain and Samantha, our big black German Sheppards, were guarding the gates to heaven. I still find that a very comforting thought.
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