Sunday, December 12, 2010

Operation Stolen Christmas Tree

I've never been a thief.  As far back as I can remember I haven't stolen a thing.  That was until now...

A few weeks back we'd seen signs for a Christmas tree sale that was happening not too far from where we live.  Our schedules have been so hectic lately that we haven't had time to get a tree until today.  Recalling the signs, we headed in the direction of the tree sale.  To our disappointment there was no sale.  But, as we drove by the spot where the sale had taken place a week ago we saw a single lone Christmas tree leaning against a wooden fence post.  A left over, perhaps?  The less than perfect tree that no one wanted?  Bob, being the kind and compassionate man that he is, decided that we should rescue this tree from it's certain demise - especially given today's arctic conditions.

So... we promptly return home to pick up the truck, head straight back to the tree, hop out into the biting wind and run to the tree.  Bob holds up the tree and our hearts sink.  Too tall.  Way too tall.  Glancing around through the snowstorm we spot a pile of about 5 or so more Christmas trees on the other side of the forest.  We dart over to the pile and immediately spot a perfectly sized tree.  Bob scoops it up with one hand and we're off!  We run back to the truck, throw the tree in the back and drive off.  Spotted (a woman was walking her two dogs through the forest just as picked up the tree), but not caught.

Now, our stolen Christmas tree sits beautifully in our living room decked with glowing lights, sparkling garland and holiday ornaments.

We'll remember this Christmas not only as our first as a married couple, but also at the year of the stolen tree.  Lord, please forgive us.
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